Apr. 7, 2015: Renatta Emerson, CEO, Immersion Events: What Does It Take to RUN the Seattle Marathon

by Gary Fast on March 31, 2015

Renatta Emerson is an event planner, a celebrator of life, and owner of Immersion Events, based in Seattle, Washington. Renatta’s philosophy is Life – even at work – is meant to be celebrated. Renatta graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. For 7 years she acted as Associate Event Coordinator for a major city marathon which involved leading the administration of an annual event serving more than 15,000 participants. With this background as a launchpad, she began her business in 2009 and now helps companies engage their audiences through memorable events.

Renatta started her own company, Immersion Events, because she wanted to freely use her talent in a way that she felt would best benefit others. She’s bringing a different attitude to the arena of corporate event management: the concept of authentic giving. She believes that from an entrepreneurial standpoint, the world needs to see examples of people and companies who make it to the top by consistently operating on the principle of love for others and how they raise up those around them.

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