April 21, 2015: Lori Marcoux, President, Extraordinary Learning: Extraordinary Leadership

by Gary Fast on April 21, 2015

Making Things Work

Paying attention to a couple chronic unworkable positions and replacing them as soon as they come up is one way to make things work. Lori has other tips as well. April 21, 2015 Lori Marcoux, 21st Century Leadership Facilitator, Speaker and Executive Coach is adding some levity to common, everyday unworkable positions in her Keynote at the Emerald City Rotary Club breakfast meeting.

Lori is the Founder and President of Extraordinary Learning. Known for her determination and love of bold action, Lori is results driven.

For well over 35 years she has been exercising her entrepreneurial spirit: writing, directing, producing, facilitating, coaching and marketing. She speaks from experience as a competitive athlete, entrepreneur, proud business owner and courageous comedic speaker. She has a proven track record in the real estate, hospitality, fitness, and adult education industries – positively influencing professional and personal growth for individuals around the globe.

Lori uses straightforward communication, infectious enthusiasm and vivid humor to help her clients get more of what matters most to them. Lori’s clients include leaders, managers and senior staff from the top companies, governmental and non-profit organizations, as well as leading-edge entrepreneurs throughout North America.

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