Aug. 5, 2014: David C. Hall, MD, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist: Humanitarian Effects of Nuclear War and Armament

by Gary Fast on May 31, 2014

Hall, David - rszDave Hall, MD, a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist trained at the University of Washington, served on the Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility Board from 1983-2011 and rejoined the board in 2014. He served on the national PSR Board from 1991-1998 and 2003-2006, serving as chapter president 1991-2 and 2002-3, and national president in 1997. His area of focus and expertise is nuclear weapons abolition. He actively participates with the Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action, which maintains a standing protest against the Trident nuclear weapons system home-ported on Hood Canal at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor.

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