August 30, 2016: Samantha A Siedlecki, Ocean Acidification

by Jay Leon on April 3, 2017

I am a biogeochemical oceanographer who specializes in designing tracers in coastal models to ask questions about important processes in that environment. I am a research scientist atJISAO at the University of Washington, where I conduct research and sometimes have the opportunity to teach.  I look at models as tools that integrate observations and theory.  They can be used to investigate processes and mechanisms, or to try and understand future scenarios.  My interests include:

The role of the coastal ocean in global biogeochemical cycles

How will climatic changes in sea level, winds, and stratification affect the exchange between the coastal and open ocean?

How are dissolved nutrients transported onto and off continental margins? Is particulate organic matter transported differently than dissolved nutrients?

Given the role of retention in governing spatial variability of hypoxia and probably ocean acidification as well, how will retention change in response to changing environmental conditions in the future?

How important is freshwater discharge to local ocean acidification events?

How important is the cycling of calcium carbonate in coastal regions to the surface alkalinity balance? How is that expected to change in the future?

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