Jim Beley

President, Kerwin-Beley & Associates, Inc.


On July 31, 1937 at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing, MI

Jim's mother went into labor. Resìstìng, a life-long trait, Jim held out for August 1st.


Jim has a younger sister (just looks older), which he renamed Jill Joan goof-offbug butterball beanbag Gus Beley. He also has a half sister and brother who live in Michigan, whom he treats nicer.

Jim was married to Jeanne Hughes Beley for 24 years; she died from Multiple Sclerosis complications.

They had one son, James F. Beley, Jr., who is an architect in Seattle.

Jim married Kay Knapton on January 1, 1989 (didn't need deduction in 1988). Adding Kay's son and daughter and two granddaughters. Jim says he is too young for grandchildren.


Started at birth and continues to the present, though Kay says she doesn't see much progress lately.

Graduated St, Philips High School (Battle Creek, MI) in 1955, Where he lettered in football, basketball and track. Not too difficult as there were only 39 in his class.

Attended University of Michigan his freshman year. At the end of the year the Dean suggested he go somewhere else and get serious.

Jim got serious at Western Michigan University, where he majored in accounting.

Business Career

Loved accounting in college but after working for a CPA firm in Los Angeles decided it was not his future profession.

Joined EF Hutton in 1963 as a Registered Representative in the Hollywood & Vine office (where it was Halloween every day).

After 11 years as a broker Jim formed Kerwin-Beley & Associates, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Jim now gets paid a fee for 'playing' with other people's money. Jim has no plans to retire (having too much fun) and so far his clients haven't retired him.



When living in California Jim used to hike in the High Sierra Mountains.

After moving to WA in 1981 he hiked in the Cascades and Olympics. Also learned to ski. For his 50th 'over the hill' birthday Kay suggested they climb the biggest hill in the area so they climbed Mt. Rainier (14,411'). None of his friends came to his party.

For Kay's 50th she said "anything you can do I can do better." So they climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,340') in Africa.

For Jim's 55th they climbed three peaks in Nepal; Gokyo Ri (17,980'), Kala Patar (18,200') and Island Peak (20,308'). That was the peak of Jim's high altitude hiking.

Two years ago they barely made it over 14,000' in the Indian Himalaya. As the years ro|| by the peaks are getting lower.

Cycling is preferred on flatter terrain.


Reading novels, history, financial and economics books, especially Austrian (free market) economics.

Jim is an officer and director of an educational foundation that sends high school and college students to economic seminars every summer. They sent 300 students this summer with all expenses paid. If you know a student that might be interested you should talk to Jim.


Jim is resisting leaving the planet just like he arrived.