Feb. 17, 2015: Jake Bennett, Chief Technology Officer, POP: Cool Digital Developments

by Gary Fast on January 8, 2015

Jake BennettJake Bennett is the Chief Technology Officer at POP, a digitally-centered agency with over 18 years of experience in strategy and planning, experience design, technology and analytics. Jake is digital veteran who has worked with a wide range of clients, including Bank of America, Pokémon, Costco, Nike and Microsoft. As a Software Developer with almost a decade of operational experience, Jake views technology with a highly pragmatic eye, and helps established companies navigate a rapidly evolving technology landscape to remain competitive.

Jake was a session presenter at the 2014 Seattle Interactive Conference, where he spoke on emerging agile technologies and their potential applications in the business community. Jake also blogs on Random Ant, a site dedicated to exploring an evolutionary and innovative approach to the advancement of technology in business management.

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