January 9, 2018: Judy Shafer, Seattle Nativity School

by Jay Leon on December 26, 2017

Our Mission: Seattle Nativity School is a Catholic, Jesuit-endorsed, Science, Technology,
Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) middle school seeking to break the cycle of poverty
through an education that nourishes souls and ignites leaders for love and service.

Our Goals: Our goal is to use education as a means for students and their families to
break the cycle of poverty. We provide a tuition-free, rigorous, college-preparatory
education to students in grades 6-8 who qualify for the National School Lunch Program
(free and reduced lunch). In the Greater Seattle area, south of I-90, nearly 60% of the
students enrolled in public schools meet the National School Lunch Program baseline
for living in poverty, as outlined by the Roadmap Project 2016. Our students will typically
be the first college graduates in their families. Providing a college preparatory education
is a long-term solution to the systemic economic and social problem of poverty.

Our History and Model: The first Nativity Mission Center School opened in 1971 in
New York City; soon dozens of schools began formation after the success of the Nativity
Mission Center School and delivering the same model with outstanding results.
2017-18 marks our 5th academic year and we embrace the nine Mission Effectiveness
Standards of the NativityMiguel Coalition of Schools:

! Deliver an explicitly faith-based education
! Serve the economically-poor
! Employ an independent governance structure with effective leadership
! Support graduates beyond graduation
! Engage the family as partners
! Extend the school day and year
! Articulate a commitment to excellence
! Demonstrate proven, consistent results in the development of the whole child
! Are invested in the NativityMiguel Coalition

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