July 18, 2017: Melina Palmer, Consumers are Weird

by Jay Leon on June 27, 2017

Melina Palmer has been building and reimagining brands for a decade, most recently at Verity Credit Union where the fresh, new “truth” brand launch nearly tripled brand awareness in less than two years. Melina has always been fascinated by the psychological influences behind consumer behavior, which inspired her to pursue a Masters in Behavioral Economics from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. A Filene i3 alumna, she loves to bring innovative practices to organizations. Prior to joining Verity, Melina worked at an advertising agency and launched her own credit union consultancy, with clients across the country. She was also the first individual to graduate from the University of Washington’s Global Honors Program with a degree in business, and her senior thesis was presented at the Association of Consumer Research Symposium in Hyderabad, India. Melina also loves to sing, and says singing the anthem at a Mariner’s game is one of the coolest things she has done so far.

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