Mar. 3, 2015: Martin Barrett, Co-Founder, Sozo Friends: The Branding Power of Shared Generosity

by Gary Fast on March 3, 2015

Martin_BarrettMartin Barrett is a Pacific-Northwest entrepreneur and philanthropist with a passion for community building. He has served as the president and chairman of various successful businesses for over ten years, and in 1995, he established Cana’s Feast, a small-lot winery in Oregon’s Willamette Valley whose award-winning wines were recently lauded in the Wall Street Journal as both creatively drawing from, and breaking with, old-world wine profiles.

In 2009, Martin drew on his experience in wine labeling and branding to partner with philanthropist Monte Regier and launch Sozo Friends. Through Sozo, Martin continues to produce award-winning wines, which are distributed to top restaurants in the Seattle area. Included in the distribution price is a donation of meals, clean water, and other aid to those in need. By distributing wines with opportunity for community involvement, businesses and customers are seamlessly brought into the process of giving, and the business’s brand is also enhanced.

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