May 12, 2015: Lynn Pelton, Founder and President, Greatest Goal Ministries: Ebola

by Gary Fast on May 12, 2015

Lynn Pelton is the founder and president of Greatest Goal Ministries, an organization that strives to empower the disabled and underserved people of Sierra Leone to reach their full potential through healthcare, education, disability sports and disability advocacy. Greatest Goal Ministries has brought a lot of hope to the people that they work with, allowing those they serve to discover that not all was lost because of their disability.

In 2009, Lynn Pelton visited the office of Dr. Alhassan Seisay, Director of Hospital Services for the Ministry of Health and Sanitation. The Greatest Goal Ministries Board established a partnership agreement with the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation, allowing Greatest Goal Ministry to set up a medical clinic and office space in Sierra Leone.

In 2014, when the Ebola virus broke out, Lynn Pelton decided that it was time to act. She was ready to go and had previously planned to go to Sierra Leone, where Greatest Goal Ministries work from, in August of 2014 even before the Ebola epidemic hit. Through Greatest Goal Ministries, Lynn raised money to ship four 20-foot containers packed with medical supplies to Sierra Leone. Lynn then joined the Partners in Health team in December of 2014 to travel to Sierra Leone in an effort to help with the epidemic.

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