November 3, 2015: Kimberly Karrick, Founder, Scratch Distillery: Scratch Distillery

by Gary Fast on November 3, 2015

Kimberly Karrick and her husband, Bryan, moved to Edmonds in 2002, where Bryan pursued his career in optometry and Kimberly did outside sales of optical products. For many years, they would make wine and brew their own beer as a hobby together.

On a trip to London, Kimberly and Bryan signed up for a workshop on craft distilling, which sparked an interest in them to consider brewing/distillery as more than a hobby. They were so fascinated with the art of craft distilling that they quickly decided that they wanted to bring craft distilling to Edmonds. Upon returning to Edmonds, Kimberly and Bryan moved fast to make their dream come true. They secured a space in the new Salish Crossing development on Sunset Avenue, embarked on a complex and time-consuming licensing process to produce distilled spirits, opened a tasting room and ordered equipment – Scratch Distillery was then born.

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