October 31, 2017: Marcy Ushimaru, The Plight of Elephants

by Jay Leon on October 9, 2017

Marcy Ushimaru has been passionate about spreading the word about the very real danger of elephant extinction since seeing a 60 Minutes program about the Sheldrick Foundation’s program in Kenya for rescuing baby elephants who had been orphaned due to poaching. Since then, she and her husband have visited Africa a number of times just to be able to see these magnificent creatures in the wild. And it is that up close and personal interaction with elephants that brought home to her what a sad place this world would be without them. She has been an “Ele-Ambassador” for the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, and has spoken to many groups about the plight of African elephants, the many dangers they face, and what we can do to help stop their slide into extinction.

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