September 13, 2016: Joe Rieke, (know)Food

by Jay Leon on April 3, 2017

Joe has worked in the restaurant industry for over thirteen years. From bussing tables at the downtown Palomino to overseeing BOH operations in four states for Opper Melang restaurants, he knows the industry inside & out. He has a fundamental belief that above all service & people are what makes great restaurants great, and fine attention to finances make them stick around. In 2016 he founded (know)food to bring his, and others, professional experience into Seattle Public Schools Classrooms. The notforprofit organization seeks to give Seattle students the tools and connections they need to be successful beyond secondary education. Joe has seen what organizations like (know)food can do, and believes that they fill the gap between public education and private sector dexterity. Outside of all that he spends a lot of time with his wife & very young son, is excited for Hawks football to start, gets his free workout on at 6:29 am every Wednesday at Gas Works Park, and goes for long walks around what he and his wife refer to as “theoldpeople” part of Ballard.

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